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If something you need is missing, check the HPRC website or let us know if you think it should be included here.

This page has a set of guides for HPRC users, both new and experienced.
If you notice that anything is missing or have any questions, please contact us.

Best practices/tools for efficient cluster usage

HPRC batch job manager translation: Submit batch jobs with appropriate resources instead of using the login nodes.
AMS overview: Keep track of the resources you consume. There’s a limit on HPRC machines, though it could be extended.
HPRC OnDemand Portal:A convenient way to access nearly everything without using the command line. -(Requires VPN if you’re off-campus)

Links to software guides

HPRC Software Wiki List of software on the clusters and how to find more.
IPython and Jupyter Documentation useful for iPython notebooks.

  • Jupyter is one of the “Interactive Apps” that can be launched from the OnDemand Portal, linked above.
  • See the HPRC portal Wiki for more information.

Geant4 user support.

  • Do not try to install Geant4 on HPRC machines–it will break your file quota.
  • Search for an already-existing module instead.

Globus Online API Wrapper for Dummies
Globus Online API Guide for Python

CDMS Computing Specific softwares

Most of the official documentation should be available either on Confluence or GitBlit.

CDMS Release with Singularity: Instructions for using Singularity with the CDMS Release through Jupyter Notebook or Shell.
Matlab and Interactive Sessions: For Matlab, PyRoot or interactive apps in the Clusters.
CDMStools Guide: Setup and Use CDMS Tools for Matlab
CDMSbats Guide: Setup and Use CDMSbats for Data Processing

MitchComp GitHub

Joining the MitchComp GitHub

  • Instructions for joining and beginning to use the MitchComp GitHub team hosted on the TAMU GitHub cloud service.