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The MitchComp GitHub team exists to facilitate code development, maintenance, and implementation for use by MitchComp admins and collaborators on the CDMS and DUNE projects.

This GitHub team should enable code written by previous users to continue to be maintained and used, allowing new team members to quickly come up to speed and understand the structure and usage of the team’s software.

Joining the MitchComp GitHub Team


TAMU supports several GitHub organizations. This group is under the @tamu-edu-students organization, which you can access here:

Accessing the Team
  1. Sign up for access to the @tamu-edu-students organization
    • Visit
    • Under the central section entitled “Students” select the button labeled “Sign up”
    • Follow the directions there
  2. Request membership to the MitchComp team
  3. Access the MitchComp team

Using the Team

Linking to the Repositories

The files include installation instructions for linking a directory where you’re working to the remote repository. You can follow the steps there to get set-up.

If, instead, you’re working on the clusters, the repositories should already be linked to their corresponding directories.

Adding an SSH key

In either case, in order to push to and pull from the team repositories, you will need to set up an SSH key that you use for this purpose.

The page linked below details how to authenticate an SSH key with an organization—in this case, @tamu-edu-students is the relevant one. To connect to the team’s repositories from a cluster, you should use the public SSH key in your $HOME/.ssh directory on the cluster.

Contributing and Making Edits

Everything you need to know about this process is in the file that is the same in all repositories. Ensure that this process is followed when making any substantive edits. It is acceptable to commit directly to main only in the case of bug fixes that need to happen immediately or correcting typos on one or two files that made it through testing. 

Managing the Team

This section is only relevant to those given Owner permissions on the GitHub team
Users and Owners

To view the added members and owners of this group, navigate to the TAMU github homepage and click on View my Teams, then Manage Members.

If you have owner permissions, this is the page that will allow you to add or remove other members and owners. The TAMU github team has deprecated managing team membership and settings via the native github interface, so the above is the way to manage the team setup.