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Looking to get in touch with part of the team? Here is the list of people/email addresses you can get help from.

MitchComp Help 
For any HPRC or MitchComp help, always use the email to the right first. 
We will interface with HPRC Admins if needed!
MitchComp Help
Mitchell Institute Computing Administrators Astronomy, CDMS, and Pheno Software
Mike Kelsey
Physics (Expert)
Carter Eikenbery
Physics (Expert)
Ben Meleton
Physics (Expert)
Former Admins
Iman Ataee Langroudy
Physics 2021-2023
Jing-Han Chen
Physics 2020-2021
Richard Lawrence
Physics 2017-2020
Jorge D. Morales
Physics 2013-2019
Katrina Colletti
Physics 2014-2017
Vaikunth Thukral
Physics 2012-2014
Sean Yeager
Physics 2012-2013
Daniel J. Cruz
Physics 2011-2013
Mike Mason
Physics 2010-2011
Security, Software, Torque, and Maintenance
Try to contact Mitchcomp first, and HPRC second
HPRC Help Desk